About Us

Di Stefano Coffee Roasters

441 Victoria St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164

This cafe  bookstore is a haven of tranquillity where you can relax in a vibrant atmosphere, read a good book, drink our home-made Chai Tea relished for its rich exotic flavours of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, or enjoy one of our delicious cupcakes.

Whether it’s an old favourite, something to read to the kids, or a beautiful antiquarian book, chances are you’ll find something special here. With over 30,000 used books on our shelves stretching from ceiling to floor, there’s something for everyone.

Begin your day with Eggs Benedict or our famous Apple and Berry Crumble served with natural yoghurt and drizzled with honey and cinnamon. Lunches are popular offering a variety of gourmet sandwiches, paninis, risottos, pastas, soup and salads. After work, or on weekends, you can really cram in the culture here.

Browse for a book, take it to the table with a risotto and then head off to a film or a show. It’s all possible with minimal walking and time involved.It’s a perfect place for everyone. If you are seeking company you may choose to seat yourself on our communal table downstairs giving you the opportunity to meet others, otherwise you may choose to visit with friends and book a table for six.

Outdoors is always buzzing with the sounds of laughter and good cheer.

Anton Smolin